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Seven favorites from Brenda's popular, eclectic festival repertoire with guitarist Mary Tulin. Elegant settings with hammered dulcimer, accompanied by six or twelve-string guitar. Includes the title track (a Brenda composition), as well as her unique takes on pop, Americana, and fellow dulcimist's originals. Email Brenda to get your copy!
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BANSHEE IN THE KITCHEN: Invite the Light $16.00
BANSHEE IN THE KITCHEN: Even Hotter Water $16.00
BRENDA HUNTER: Catching the Mooncoin $16.00
BRIAR ROSE: The Captive Maiden $16.00
BRIAR ROSE: Christmas Collage $16.00
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Live at Painted Sky captures a fun evening in 2007 with Banshee in the Kitchen in front of a packed house in Cambria, California. Includes Brenda's sonata allegra arrangement of Arkansas Traveler!


Invite the Light: World Music for Winter warms the winter spirit with an eclectic array of seasonal tunes from around the world. Put the kettle on and locate your coziest blankie by the fire!
Brenda's 2003 solo CD! Beautifully unique arrangements of Irish traditional and old time folk music (with a few fine forays elsewhere), showcasing Brenda's distinctive style on the hammered dulcimer. Banshee in the Kitchen and friends sit in, with guitar, flute, whistle, bouzouki, accordion, and percussion.
Banshee in the Kitchen's 2005 release, featuring upbeat sets and lovely interludes, including Brenda's haunting arrangement of "Miss Gordon of Gight", and "Aran Boat Song". Rocking dulcimer favorites include "Jerusalem's Ridge" in the Jewish Girl set, and "Sonja's Reel".
Lovely, relaxing collection of traditional Irish tunes, pairing Brenda's trademark hammered dulcimer with the flute playing of Cindy Angel, as the duo Briar Rose. This very popular album, released in 1997, features tasteful, new age-influenced arrangements, including acoustic guitar, whistles, mandolin, and synthesizer. As heard on NPR! Unique, tasteful arrangements of Brenda's Christmas favorites, featuring hammered dulcimer and flute. This first Briar Rose collaboration with flautist Cindy Angel was released in 1995.
Banshee in the Kitchen's debut CD features our most-requested sets and songs. From the rollicking "Ships" set, to the darkly beautiful rendition of "Black is the Colour", this CD offers a pleasing variety of acoustic Celtic moods.